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Experience You Can Count On!

The founders of MTS have a combined 25 years of experience in software development and are especially knowledgeable in CRM products specializing in Dental Lab Processes.

About LabAnnexMagic Touch Software was founded in October 2002 by the three key developers. As of this date, we have successfully worked together for over 15 years and have delivered unique database features over the LAN and Internet in a variety of different fields. Since shifting our focus to the Dental industry, DLCRM emerged as the leading out of box application for Dental Laboratories world wide.

Our primary goal is to allow Dental Labs to mold the software to their specific needs, not require them to adapt their business processes to the way the software works. As a result MTS created DLCRM from the ground up with this ideal governing all design decisions.

Our mission is to provide our Dental Laboratories with the best and most flexible customer management tools possible and to help them grow their businesses.Providing efficient yet intuitive case management functionality as well as powerful customer service and marketing tools all in one easy to use application, we have successfully bridged the gap between customer management and real time production data.
Gary Bagheri President, Magic Touch Software