• LabAnnex Solution

    LabAnnex is a Dental Laboratory Management Software specifically designed to empower labs to easily manage Customers, Cases, Calls, Invoices, Payments and Statements.
    Offered for absolutely free for 90 days, this unique approach allows for start ups and smaller laboratories to take advantage of the same end to end business management software that large laboratories enjoy, ultimately paving the way for growth.

  • Customer Management

    LabAnnex provides a simple method of managing both existing Customers and Prospects account data, including Name, Practice Name, Address, Phone Number, Type, Specialty, as well as other useful information.
    Managing your customers from email to practice name and everything in between has never been easier. Seamlessly, update customer account information and keep current records all while never putting the phone down.

  • Case Management

    Another important feature of the LabAnnex system is the simple to use yet powerful case management system designed to help simplify many production aspects laboratories face today. It offers Case Entry with the option to include Ship Date, Due Date, Discounts, Products, Enclosures, Case Notes, and a Work Order.
    You may also track Lot Numbers for each product to also helping to satisfy another of the FDA requirements. The Invoicing option includes a way to invoice the case, choose a shipping method, and print the invoice once it is ready to be shipped to the customer.

  • Call Tracking System

    Another major tool included in LabAnnex is the efficient Call tracking system designed to record and make available all Customer or Vendor issues and conversations, helping to take the guess work out of administrative tasks. This is an essential tool in providing the excellent customer service that will help set your lab apart from the rest and help you retain the customer loyalty you need to grow your business.
    Records in the call tracking system may be created for a specific Case or simply for tracking Sales & Marketing efforts. This system can even be used to track Customer or Vencor complaints which will also satisfy a key FDA requirement.

  • Accounting

    LabAnnex makes available basic accounting functionality including the ability to Post Payments and to Create Statements. Statements may be printed on any day of the month based on any billing cycle as decided by the Lab and the aging balances will be calculated on the fly. It’s never been easier to keep track of payments, issue statements, and stay on top of accounts.


Try it first!

Try Lab AnnexIf you still have not decided to register, we have put together some sample data to allow you to test drive LabAnnex and see what the application looks and feels with customer data. Take a look and discover the easy to use screens and intelligent features. We invite you to learn how LabAnnex can benefit your laboratory today.
LabAnnex takes only a few easy steps to register, but if you would like to take a test drive first, please click here to work with our sample data.


Register Lab AnnexDuring the quick registration process, you will be able to create your own username and password and a unique Customer ID will be automatically assigned to your account. Upon successful registration, your logon information will be emailed to the address provided. Please be sure to enter accurate contact information, including a valid email address and telephone number.
Click here to get started.


Login Lab AnnexIf you have already registered with LabAnnex, click here to Login.

Please remember that safeguarding your User ID and Password is the only way to protect your data from unauthorized access. Once logged on, you will be able to add as many additional users as you like and configure some simple security settings.